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From commercial projects to private homes and houses of worship, we create custom stained glass solutions for clients with a variety of needs. Our attention to detail allows us to work closely with clients to capture their vision and aspirations in a new light.


Our creative process integrates design and building architecture to address social and environmental as well as economic concerns by creating high quality and cost-effective liturgical designs.


Our studio will remove windows, perform complete repairs and re-installs entirely with our own crew. We focus on delivering a professional inclusive service.


We consider all matters concerning stained glass window restoration to be a unique and challenging opportunity. We work attentively to give clients knowledgeable and honest appraisals.


Due to years of experience in stained glass design, fabrication, and installation, Jimenez Studios assesses and executes individual project needs with skill and efficiency.


We Provide A Variety of Glass Customization Techniques

Leaded Glass

Traditional stained glass uses lead came, long strips of lead shaped into an H or a U. Colored glass is cut to the shape of a pattern and laid out on a design plan. The contours of each segment are fitted with lead and then soldered to one another, securing the entire panel. Putty is inserted between the glass and the came for waterproofing.

Foiled Glass

This process begins with the cutting of glass which is then ground for an exact fit. Each piece is wrapped in copper foil on its edges. The copper foil is firmly pressed down over the edge and face of the glass. Once all the pieces have been wrapped and laid out properly, the window is soldered front and back. You can choose to patina the solder black or copper tone.

Faceted Glass

Faceted glass windows are created with 1in thick, unpainted glass, called glass dalles. The glass dalles are cut in to the desired shape, and then set into an epoxy matrix resin; Creating magnificent translucent windows depicting scenes and symbols.

Painted Glass

The term stained glass is also applied to windows in which the colors have been painted on to the glass and then fused to the glass in a kiln. Painting or staining is done to add details such as faces and folds of clothing that cannot be added with traditional lead lines.


2020 Stained Glass Class Schedule:

Per Covid-19 Restrictions –  All group classes are canceled until further notice.  specialty class available call for details.  Please practice social distancing wear masks and wash your hands. Stay safe and healthy!


Class dates subject to change.

Classes Limited to 8 Students – Private Classes Available

Beginners welcomed. No previous experience necessary. 

There are two ways to make stained glass, leaded or copper foiled. The major difference between the two is in the construction. With leaded stained glass, the construction must begin at an outer corner, the individual pieces are fitted into lead came. Once all pieces are cut and placed in lead came, the joints of the came are soldered. Then the completed piece is cemented. With foiled stained glass, the construction can begin at any point in the design and worked out from there. The individual pieces are wrapped in copper foil and soldered together. Due to the extra steps of constructing leaded panels, many students choose to start with the foiled technique first.  Both techniques are offered to beginning students.

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Build your own stained glass panel during this introductory 18hr 4-day class. Tools and materials list available upon request (Contact Jimenez Glass Studios for a tool & supply list). When class is finished, students will have the necessary skills and materials to continue the craft at home.

Contact Jimenez Glass Studio for more information and sign up today!

Stained Glass Retail Store

Per Covid-19 Restrictions – Welcome back! Our retail store now reopens for business. Jimenez Studios still continues to do commissions, repairs, and restorations, please call for an appointment. Masks are Required – Keep a 6-Foot Distance – Use the Hand Sanitizer Provided. Thank you! Stay Safe and Healthy!

Jimenez Stained Glass Studios offers a complete line of stained glass supplies and stained glass tools for the hobbyist and artist.
Everything you need for stained glass plus pre-crafted items that are great gifts!
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